• The DBFree manual is in English...

    Because i'm Dutch i write stuff in the Dutch language (duh) but the world is bigger than The Netherlands. So I have written everything for DBFree in English.

    Why use DBFree?

    DBFree is made for fast development of a secure web-application. In comparison with PHP and SQL DBFree is much easier to learn and you will be productive in a matter of weeks. DBFree has it's own build-in server so you don't need any other hosting-service. But you can use DBFree also for the front-end development for a website, and write the backend in PHP and SQL.

    I'll sum it up for you:

    • You only need some basic knowledge from HTML and CSS.
    • DBFree uses the powerful xBase language a server-side scripting language. xBase is easy to learn.
    • DBFree has a small built-in server so you don't need another.
    • DBFree uses DBF databases, which are easy to create and use.
    • DBFree is small in size (15Mb).
    • Finished your website? Use an old computer and get your website online.
    • Only need a static website? DBFree translates the code in HTML so you can put it on any server you want.
    • DBFree uses the famous bootstrap CSS.
    • DBFree saves you lots of time with the front-end of the website. It helps you to build responsive menu structures and your website will have a professional look. For the back-end you can also use PHP and SQL when you don't want to use Maxscript.
    • DBFree is great for writing software for small business, because you can run in on a small server for you own network. Everbody can activate the software through their browser. No need to install it on every computer or complicated install-procedures.
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